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Write in Style. How may we serve you? 

Speech Writing

(normal speaking rate is about 130 words per minute)

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Wedding Speech

  • Commencements

  • Miscellaneous

$.75 per word

“Approximate word-count”

150 words in a 1-minute speech.
300 words in a 2-minute speech.
450 words in a 3-minute speech.
600 words in a 4-minute speech.
750 words in a 5-minute speech.
900 words in a 6-minute speech.
1050 words in a 7-minute speech.
1,200 words in an 8-minute speech.
1,350 words in a 9-minute speech.
1,500 words in a 10-minute speech


$1 per word up to 250 words.


Manuscript Editing

$25 per 1000 words


Manuscript Evaluation

Partial Manuscript Evaluation


Book Proposal



*call or email for quote*



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