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Designer At Work

You are at the right place at the right time.  Congratulations, on taking the first step toward making your dream a reality.  Writing a book is not all about method, but instead the message.  Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction creative wordsmith, your experiences will always cunningly sneak onto the pages of your imaginative creation.  Your vast experiences have led you here today.  Allow Write Touch Publications to take you by the hand and lead you the rest of the way toward realizing the dream of becoming a published author.  We're excited!  Are you?


Professional Experience:



  • Professional ghostwriter 

  • Literary agent: skilled in writing professional book proposals

  • Skilled in editing authors’ manuscripts for grammar, spelling, and ambiguity.

  • Years of experience evaluating and editing manuscripts for commercial publishers and new authors.

  • Experienced at maintaining the author's voice while expanding his or her thoughts to release the intended message.

Define Your Own Normal

Steer your Own Destiny. 

Write Your own Ending. 

No You're Not Crazy: Get Up & Get Your Happy Back

Staying Sane...

in a Mad Angry World

Can a refusal to be happy drive you completely mad?  Madness in terms of anger versus madness attributed to gradual psychological attrition is often divided by a very thin line. Find the cause, you find the cure. The cause is not always as clear cut as you might think. It’s not the surface issues that block our unhappiness but the unresolved root causes that remain the culprit of our own demise.

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